Coaching Plans

Level Price  
Thrive 200 $200.00 per Month. Select
Thrive 600 $600.00 per Month. Select

Slots are very limited. You must have earned a minimum of $50k/year by 25 years old to qualify, or $100k/year by 35. The 300 level includes three times the benefits of the 100 level, explained below…

One or three 600 word essays on any topic of your choice — edited, reviewed, re-write up to three times; if no re-write needed for three essays, then an AvenueGuru poster with a constructive word of your choice will be made in your honor (you still have to buy it if you want it, but you choose the word and picture). This can cover any topic, from coaching to simply being better and more efficient with your English. Based on your questionnaire and recent Hyper Session, you may be assigned a topic for this essay.

One or three 12 minute “Hyper Session” over video chat. This has zero teaching, only a hyper-fast, hyper-intense, hyper-efficient video chat coaching Q&A. This is a follow-up to your essay. Answers will be “prescribed” in the form of “boilerplate” videos, created in your honor if they don’t exist already. A summary will be sent as a written follow up. And, you will receive a full video of the entire conversation—including property rights, such as sharing on social media, YouTube, for sale, et cetera. AvenueGuru will NOT share this video with anyone else.

GUYZE™ T-Shirt with an AvenueGuru colored poster text of your choice (from available posters) every 1 or 3 months.

Unlimited access to all premium masterclasses on AvenueGuru, after your first quarter.

After subscribing, a questionnaire will be emailed to you. Answer its questions and correspond to schedule your Hyper Session.