How to Buy?

Mapping inspiration for the living avenues we create is a FotoMoto-powered web store. You can print pictures on high quality paper, art canvas, cards, full-size wall peels, and even metal prints.

These photos are intended to lift and inspire your home, work, business, livingor any other creative space.

You can download and distribute the pictures from the website or social media, completely free of royalty and citation, so long as you keep the “AVENUE GURU” logo and don’t sell or modify them. The prints are from much higher-resolution images.

Each picture comes in various colors and background sizes, usually a main color plus black and white. Pictures with smaller letters and more empty background space are perfectly-sized for canvas printing, so the background color will wrap around the sides of the canvas beautifully, without losing resolution quality of the core photo art… Or, simply enjoy the extra color as a theme in your creative space.

Photos are original. If you want a different background color than available, mention the hex or CMYK code to us on Twitter.

An eBook is on the way. Get on board. Create your Avenues today.